Monday, November 3, 2008

A Music Revolution

Back into the days of 60s, the music industry was infused with strong jazzy influence. Songs of those like Frank Sinatra were played relentlessly without being bored out. And when things turns into 70s and 80s, music superstar like Rolling Stone, Bee Gees and The Beatles, to name a few, introduce us to rock and roll and even blues.

But those were the olden days, the music industry in the late 90s till now has tranformed. Back to the late 90s, boy bands like Backstreet Boys and N-Sync, groups like Spice Girls, lead us to a new form of music, pop (to be sarcastic, bubblegum pop). With heavy beats and can't-get-out-of-ur-head rhythm, it reigns to supreme. Almost every hit singles now resemblance this same kind of formula.

However, to be honest, I am tired of it these days. Being still OK with R&B/Soul music, I am startin' to be annoyed by them. It's true that it can be very addictive, for a short time. Songs like this comes and goes really quickly as we can see, one day it's on the top of the chart, the next it's out (to borrow a sentence from Heidi Klum).

Fortunately, a new force is rushing in this industry these days. It is, I would consider a new form of music, a concocktion of jazz, pop and blues. Artist on the line? These three are my favourites, Amy Winehouse, Duffy and Adele. Songs like Rehab, Back to Black and These Tears Dry On Their Own from Amy are not to be missed and should be well-appreciated (luckily Grammy does). Well, I believe Duffy and Adele might be less-known to some of you, but trust me, they rocks! Songs I would recommend is Chasing Pavement, Hometown Glory from Adele and Mercy, Warwick Avenue from Duffy.

And now, the lastest single that is burning MTV these days, Stepping Stone from Duffy (hope you enjoy)

By, Mr. Fundus

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