Monday, October 13, 2008

4 S A 1 I LOVE YOU???

Instantaneously impactable, an absolute crafting of a joyous but adventerous class, here is a blog that will stun the whole world with a distictive yet skilled language. A strong point of view which is rare, sarcastic and not to be missed!!

A blog namely 4SA1 I LOVE YOU, is created by an anonymous who possessed almost all the characteristic i writen as above. Ask me who is the Mr / Mrs 4SA1? I don't know.... N wishes to find out this promising star.....

A note adapted from the blog..



以及.....(many many more...)







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By, Mr. Fundus

On The Go - A Recipe For Disaster
By: Mr. Sphyncter

The article as introduced and written by Mr.Fundus was indeed one interesting one. Never has the big stomach advertise (or in anyway compliment/remark) on any other respective blog in this aspect. However, the tides have change when it comes to the recently uprising "4Sa1 I love you" Blog.

Although Mr. Fundus had not mentioned this, but when i myself visited that site, I was indeed a bit shocked to see such a number of visitors entering the site in just a few days. As I search through the site meter's history, the blog instantly bombarded to the pinacle of attention as of today, with as many as (as seen just now) 33 visitors. Such achievement is a hint of a rising star.

Sadly however, the blog feeds not only celebrity nor worldwide gossip, but thrive on the gossip of a special class, 4SA1 in SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth. As one would go through the pages, it is evident that much gossip on personal attitudes and behaviours were commented there, in a rather amusing and hilarious way, nontheless entertaining.

While some cynics or skeptics would label this blog as a waste of time, immoral, and/or unethical, The Big Stomach is neither happy nor angry with the blog. Most of the story, though elaborated is still based on true facts (as shown by research) but the one thing the author of the blog had failed is telling the world a tale using a much lighter tone, one without such astonishing sharpness and "perfect" eloquence.

We will of course, update readers of the big stomach whenever there are news as such going on. Stay tuned for more, you guys. The big stomach is ever ready for more, local or foreign news.

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