Thursday, October 23, 2008

Keep Expanding.....Horizon Is The Limit

It has been about three weeks since the Big Stomach Blog is launched, and fortunately, we have gained quite a pleasant (for us) amount of viewer from time to time. Indeed, we have achieved an average of 30 visitor by calculation of the sitemeter (situated below) and have had an average of 50 unique visitor by calculation Nuffnang daily. However, pleasant is not what we aimed for, yet satisfaction is not in thought, improvement is what we longs for, like anyone who aims to success.

In notion of expanding our blog, an array of campaign will be launched in the near future:
BSC (Big Stomach Campaign)

BSC01 - Go Green Week

With global warming issue on fire, a remedy shall be taken. As tiny part of the world, even tiny effords are appreciated. We hope arraised the awareness of fellow reader with this campaign.

BSC02 - Big Stomach Showdown : Battle of the Gastric Family

Mr. Fundus's and Mr. Sphyncher's relationship will be put in test. Why are they against each other? No one knows... Bloody war will be triggered and the time left is negligible, who will you choose?

BSC03 - The World, In Your Stomach

Get along the trip of different cultural experience with Mr. Fundus and Mr. Sphyncther when we take you to some of the selected country. Some not to be missed, some not to be adored, find it out yourselves!

In the meantime, keep supporting Big Stomach and get continue your slimmy tour...

Mr. Fundus

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