Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hot News - Alcoholism Strikes Terror In School (17/08/08)

BUTTERWORTH: A Student from a local school who was drunk and semi-conscious was sent back home early after the school admin informed the parents.

The alleged student, 13 is believed to be drinking before stepping upon school grounds, but was seen to be drunk by his friends in the afternoon session, of which one fo them reported to the teacher. while pleading guilty to the charges of him involving himself in alcoholic drink, the offender however, stressed that he did not have that drink in school compound.

Sources that were gathered by the Big Stomach Blog reveals a shocking truth. Initially after PMR (A Goverment exam for all students aged 15), a nearby popular tuition centre held a party, which includes food, beverage and red wines. Although not connected, the offender is believed to have joined the party, and was said to drank 4 glass of red wines.

Immediately after being called to the teacher's room, the news spread like wild fire among the people. Not only was the student a mere student, but was believed to be a member of the school's prefectorial board.

When asked of the consequences the alleged "prefect" will face, the board of prefects denied to give any comments but stressed that appropriate measures will be taken to curb such indiscipline and misconduct from happening again, punishment in accordance with the law will be carried out.

"I am truly sadden to hear one of my members involving themselves in such shameful acts. But I would like to make it clear that no such issues as such will happen without harsh consequences. We (the board of prefects) will not tolerate such incompetant prefects" said a commitee member of the prefectorial board, of whom did not wish to reveal his identity. According to the prefect, he was only made known of the issue 1 day after the incident, and was shocked because no such things ever occured before in the board's history.

The schools had taken strict measures against the student, and had deducted him 50 marks of his merits marks. Whether or not the student will be suspended, the school management had not yet determined.

Again This is Mr.Sphyncter reporting for BBB News.

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