Monday, October 13, 2008

You Can Finally Fish In Singapore!!!

Wonder why I made that statement? Well, here's the moral of the story. There was a saying that coined 'you can't fish in Singapore because like the resident, the fish just won't open their mouth'. This disturbing accusation has indeed scoffed over the coward Singaporean and so called kia-si attitude that results in the reluctant of discussing sensitive issue open-minded. But things are changing, our neighbour Singaporean finally stand up for themselves in the name of justice. In 12th Octorber, hundreds and thousands of senior citizens in Singapore have a riot in their native country concerning on global financial issue which stuck in many country including Singapore. Rumours has it that they will not regain their pencen in future if the so-called 21st century Great Depression continue to deteriorate. The riot stands their hopes on recovering their pencen so their years of hard work won't gone in ashes. Well, the Singaporean finally opens their mouth and fishing will also soon proof to be a reasonable leisure.....


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