Monday, October 20, 2008

Heat Continues - Tuition Centre May Face Charges

BUTTERWORTH - Extensive investigations that has been carried out by the school admin, the discipline section and of other relevant parties regarding the case of three students being drunk in school, two of which suffer a demerit of total of 50 marks has reveal shocking truth.

Apparently, the students were being tricked into taking an unknown drink without knowing its content in a room with its lights turn off. This tuition centre, "Pusat Bimbingan Inovatif" or often abbreviated as PBI Tuition Centre, had outrageously transform itself into a "temporary" discoteque on 17 October 2008, the day when the PMR exam finished.

Sources said that while most of the form 1 students are not involved in the party as held by the tuition owner, they are then persuaded into "joining in" by the very ownder himself, where he had deliberately assured them that "everything will be fine, take your lunch here and then go to school". Moments later, the crowd witness a shocking scene when students turned off the lights of the tuition centre, and continue enjoying themself singing Karaoke in the dimly lit room.

Tragedy strikes when the students were given unidentified drinks only known to them as "Ribena" which, after enquiries had shown to be a deadly mixture of red wine, 10o plus, 7Up and Ribenna. One student who was not very sure immediately stop drinking after tasting the usual alcoholic feel in the mouth. Another student, who was much less fortunate however, had taken the whole glass.

"I was tricked. I ddin't knew it was alcoholic after they told me when I finished drinking. The mixture had been successful enough to cover the smell" a victim claimed.

Surprising, the tuition centre suffered no consequences even till today. Although the school authorities had shown ardent will in solving this case, but till today the man still lives a free life. He had consciously allowed students to party in his tuition centre, and had, as people claimed, brought alcoholic drinks into the room full of underage students.

Parents were notified of the event naturally, but whatever the actions that they intend to take, the big stomach is still unsure of it. However, the big stomach is certain that the school refuse to void the 50 marks of demerit punished upon the students, even because of utter foolishness and carelessness that they had taken it without knowledge of it being alcohol.

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Mr. Fundus & Mr. Sphyncter said...

News Update*

The Discipline Section of the local school had agreed to dismiss the case recently, and had also agreed to not deduct the 50 merits marks of the students involved, claiming this to be accident.