Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hot News - Uproar in School, Students Charged With Unknown Crime

BUTTERWORTH: The Students of a local school here in Butterworth was shocked when the news break out that all 45 students of a class in that school was detained, investigated and charged for the unknown crime that they had committed.

The local school management, upon detaining the students had informed them of their "accused charges" which were "designing a class uniform (or Class- T-shirt)" and "designing and creating a class magazine". However, when asked of whether the students were also charged on copyright infirngement of using the school's logo in the T-Shirt, the students had denied of such accusations and pleaded not guilty before the teachers.

The Big Stomach Blog has also been informed that without further investigation, the teachers had punished the students severely by deducting all students involved a total of 25 merit marks (considered a big offense or xiao3 guo4). It also also learned that teachers would only announced later that designing a class T-shirts is banned, with the exception of Form 5 Students.

An Informent of the Big Stomach Blog, who wish to have his/her identity revealed said that such accusations were unfair and that while this has not been the only time students making their own class T-shirt, it is indeed the first time considering it a crime.

Although there is not much that can be done to appeal, unless a formal complained was made to the school, life will still go on as usual in the school. Initially when authors of this blog received such news, we were shocked that such mishap would happen without clear explaination in this particular school, which is considered aprestigious school in the local district.

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Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be in some kind of rules and regulation..... but i don't remember any of this kind of restriction, not until now.....