Friday, October 24, 2008

Britian Bloodhound Cars Dashing Over 1690 km/h

Nothing much to read today, I turned my attention to the times online for some hot news to you, readers. Success, I got one hot piece of cake for you (don't know whether it is fresh or not).

Richard Noble, formal salesman who is fond of speedy experience was able to acheive record-breaking speed when he acclaimed 1228 kh/m of speed in a super-super-sport-car. Now, he aimed to refresh his record by an astounding 1609 km/h. The super car, him and his team has created is called the Bloodhound (as shown) and has a shape of a pencil+rocket (due to specific aerodynamic study that this shape would boost the speed of the car) and is ready to rocket up to 1690 km/h in 40 seconds, a lighting speed faster that a bullet (no wonder it's called a bloodhound).

However, there's an obstacle, that is, the vanue to launched this experiment haven't been set, yet. So, when the experiment finally get started, we, blogger sure will post up the video in near future.

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