Saturday, October 18, 2008

Midnight Berserker

Who's who, when's when.... The owner, creater of a magnificent blog (4SA1) had yet to be unveiled and broken. It has been an amount of strength, endurance, toleration for someone who could have pull this blog off outsighted of the hundreads or maybe, thousands. Yet, someone, somewhere in the night of the silent Friday, outspoken a midnight berserk. It was me and my fellow partner, Mr. Sphyncter whom maybe fated to face the attack this berserker.

This was a familier message ringtone that arouse the dim room which grabs my attention as the mobile owner. Thought to be another amusing message that interrupted my intimate connection with my book, I glanced through the message with no collected attention. However, like a bolt from blue, an anonymous sender set on my alarm. An inconvinient yet gruesome truth stucks me in no time stating me and Mr. Sphynchter as the author of the rather populous blog --4SA1.

Dear berserker, what a smart guess, you've made. Yes, indeed. I bares a definate possibility of being mastermind of 'that blog'. But I don't... May your investigation be continued until time has proven my innocent. Nor shall I be merciful for your being and secure your identity, still, I am aspired for an apology for an ambushed berserk.

P/S: Shall Justice Enlighten Us

By, Mr. Fundus

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Anonymous said...

Dear Readers,

The tranquil night of an insignificant day in a most unexpected week became an instant uproar of hullaballo when me, along with Mr Fundus both received the message, allegedly accusing us of being the author of the 4Sa1 Blog.

Recently, as all who views the 4Sa1 blog might know, the world is currently trying, with all its might to capture and identify the mysterious "Sheng2 Zhi1 Zi3" (or literally translated as "The Son Of God". Sadly though, the people had yet to ascertain the culprit of the blog.

We do not know how many other people receive this SMS falsely accusing people, but we do know one thing. The people are getting desperate. They are getting restless. In an attempt to put of pressure on their shoulders by the hundreds of people crying in anguish, they had to find SOMEONE to put the blame on. Most unfortunately therefore, me and Mr fundus is one of those of the accused.

While we could do nothing to stop such scams from being circulated in the SMS, we could only assure readers of this blog, the big stomach of our innocence.

The real culprit? Sooner or later the truth will be revealed. Its a matter of time and until then, I hope the "mysterious man" behind the SMS or rather the prosecutor would not false accuse someone before possessing cold hard evidence. Else, the big stomach will go, to the ends of the earth, and if necessary to file a suit against the person for defamtion.

Be forewarned.