Wednesday, October 8, 2008

徐佳瑩 - Rising Star

She is a writer, she is a composer, she is a singer. She is the champion of the third season of 超级星光大道 (Preceeded by Yoga Lin and Yuming Lai), she is... the rising star. Standing in the league of her own, 徐佳瑩 is the rare kinds of her own to have such impulsing talent along with a voice from heaven. She can be known as the pioneer of a 25 star gainer who had suceeded to achieve 2 full marks achieve in the hottest Taiwan singing talent show namely 超级星光大道, surpassing the first season winner Yoga Lin by one.

My favourite performance by her 圓舞曲 which however perfectly ended in imperfection

By, Mr. Fundus

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Anonymous said...

oh PLEASE.......
MR. Yoga got 2 full marks too..
the first time he got 25 was when he sang 你是我的眼
while for the second time, he got 25 marks again in the finals, with Radio Head's Creep
and very funny for the last song he sang during the finals, Last Order by 陳奕迅, he got 24.5
please find some correct infos first before posting next time~ ^.^