Monday, October 6, 2008

Welcome To The Amazing World Of Big Stomach

Welcome dear readers,

This blog is created for all of us to explore the wonderous world of the mysterious human stomach. Enjoy long leisurely hours surfing this blog feeing on infos and knowledge of the current world.

If you think your stomach can handle anything, think again.

The big stomach offers much writtings, mainly free writtings for all of you to enjoy. Readers could also email us at if anyone would like to post some interesting facts on this blog. Of course, the credit will be yours to take.

Allow me to introduce ourself. Writting this blog now is me, Mr Pyloric Sphincter, while the other writter is Mr Fundus. As time will show, we will try our best to entertain dear explorers on the most amazing, gruesome facts you never know you know! Of course, the writting team does not only consist of us but as what we believe, will increase when random writters (who send their work to us) are made published of their work.

All the best slimming through the thick mucus!

Mr. Sphincter

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