Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tribute To 喇喇

My sincere graditute to those who had proclaimed themselves as a 喇喇仔女, which i so-call degraded-emo. The origin of this wonderful phrase are out of my limited knowledge for all your information. However, the aim that I create for is indeed to pay a tribute to them who have suscessfully express their distictive point of view in fashion, courageous which fell in a wrong sense. For them who have the ability to be so badly dressed but still presented themselves at the utmost confidence level are exceptionally phenomenal and should be honoured in the hall of shame in fashion.

Here is a series of fashion crime hideously commited by our fellow 喇喇仔女

1)Multi-chained Pant

Pants or shorts consists out extra strips are the awkward renowned fashion which tends to contaminate the fashion industry by storm and winds.

For those who wears them are actually in high-risk daily. The awkwarkly designed outer strips can be dangerous when worn while riding in a motor vehicle. Motorcycle passenger, for instance, whose life will be at risk if got stuck in one of the strips and pulled out of the vehicle that will ultimately ended up in dragged onto the street for miles.

Last Word:
Get a pair jeans, even it's broken.


A total disgrace to a well-sown T-shirt which body got cut and riped off into million of pieces and shredded into million of holes.

Beware when you are walking along the street in such T-shirt and don't be surprised if a weirdo appears in front of your face and asked, 'Cik, berapa duit?'. Else, you look like a hooker who just got raped in the middle of the street who still tries to look fashionable.

Last Word:
Change your T, or change your career.

3)Goth Look

Died, locked up in a coffin but refuse to live under the ground. 'Fashionista' with a goth look possess a mysterious power that can spook a person ten miles away. Way to go, Gothy.

For them who prefer a goth look tends to be celebrating Halloween 365days per year (unless they did washes off the make-up). And also an easy target for triggering heart-attack in the elders, nightmare in children and a blessing from the priest.

Last Word:
Go to hell if you really wanted to.

Critisim - Fashion Freaks
By: Mr. Sphyncter

Fashion is a very diverse yet delicate art existing in everywhere in the world regardless of culture, race, religeon. Each continents/contries/race has of course, its own unique fashion. Once fashion was heritage, ranging from ancient clothing such as the chinese cheongsam, japanese kimono, malay "baju kebaya" and much more but today, the people had revolutionised fashion to a much perhaps, "sophisticated level". These are the freaks of fashion that demoralised human clothing civilisation. Of course, it had, in time became another type of fasion, although very much contradicting with local normes.

Fundamental liberties. No man is to be deprieved of his freedom to choose, and to do as he wish as long as not being above the law. There is no right or wrong in the fashion world. A simple dress may caught the eye of someone, but to another it will be nothing but ugly. That is the power of fashion, it tends to differ.

"Hookish" or cheap dressing is yet another popular dress among teenagers today. It spreaded like wildfire since the late 90s and today, sadly, a lot of the youngsters are influenced with these type of dressings, perhaps by peer influence.

The Big stomach has never approve of "over-dressing" , or trying to be classy dressing in sophisticated dresses but rather, simply dressed in an elegant yet ravishing manner. However, we would not stop nor reject people who tend to dress differently, after all...we are all but human...

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Anonymous said...

please.. if you don't really know what lala is.. don't simply post something on the blog.. if goth is lala.. then is punk lala too? duh~ try to get more info before posting here.. ^,^