Sunday, October 19, 2008

1600 Giant Panda Invade Paris, Italy

It's the 8th wonder of the world!! Sixteen-hundreds of giant panda invaded Paris city overnight. But, fear not. These sixteen-hundreds giant pandas are made up of paper mache for the campaign held by World Wildlife Fundation (WWF) in order the raise the awareness of protecting the quickly-extincting animal.

There approximately 1600 giant panda left in this world and the future is not looking good. A survey shows that almost 50% of living species on the Earth will be extinct in the next century, contributed by araising global warming, deforestation which led to loss of wildlife habitate and also wildlife poachers.

There millions of species on planet Earth as we all knows made up of our diverse ecosystem. There are different type of floras and faunas which interact with each other in the utterly most distictive ways. And maybe it's why, the distictiveness of it, had made planet Earth a unique and wonderful place to be. Yes, indeed, we might still got to enjoy the beauty of the nature in this generation. But, if we take it for granted, what would actually happen to the next generation?

As this statement knocked me, my mind recalled me of an advertisment by WWF months ago. This advertisment coined, humming birds are here on Earth to spread and pollinate the seeds, spores of fauna, little plants are here to produce oxygen enough to sustain life on Earth, so why are we here, maybe its the most common yet difficult question to be answered. We, human being, proclaimed ourselves as the ruler of the Earth, one who leads, yet destroying the Earth is what we've done in the past. Safe the animal, safe the Earth, nature do has its way of fighting back as history told us, don't let it happen...... Not a single chance!

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