Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vietnam Bizzare Law : No Small Breast, Skinny & Short Women On Motorcycle

Not to be mistaken as a social taboo, this indeed will be an established law in Vietnam. The health ministry of Vietnam is undergoing a programme of reconstructing ralated laws of health. In order to assure all motorcyclist are in good health condition, the ministry had came out with a rather peculiar sets of new rules and regulation. The proposal would be, women who are too short, too skinny or too 'small' will not be able to ride a motorcycle in public. And, when we say too 'small', yes indeed, it's boobs. Women who are 28 inch (76cm) or smaller on her chestline are forbidden from riding a motorcycle. Reason behind.... They are classified as unhealthy or malnourished community who bears big risk in riding this vehicle.

However, statistic shows, Vietnamese women are generally petite who an average height of 155 cm and weight of 47 kg. Therefore, this issue raises quite an attention on the questionable law and method of measurement. For instance, how are the policemen going to measure the chestline of women? By using hand?

Plenty of comments had been given by the community there concerning this troublesome rules, which would actually affect their lives. Some even joked, nu-bras and plastic surgeries are going to be the most lucrative industry in future. Nontheless, there could only be a silent-riot before any of these go under announcement and looks like they will just have to sit and wait...

Mr. Fundus

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