Saturday, October 25, 2008

Forbes's World Next Great City : Kuala Lumpur Ranked the 4th

The world is devastated by the financial crisis which claimed to toss million and million of job ruthlessly. Not forgeting, some of the world strongest cities also took a deep impact in this economic tsunami. However, when one door is closed, another opens up. Thus, not joking, but this is actually the best period for an emerging city to arraise and become the next-big-thing in the world. Therefore, Forbes Magazine also take a research of the next potential great cities and got the result.

1st Shanghai, China
2nd Beijing, China
3rd Budapest, Hungary
4th Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5th Santiago, Chile
6th Guang-Zhou, China
7th Mexico City, Mexico
8th Warsaw, Poland
9th Bangkok, Thailand
10th Shenzhen, China
(From Forbes. com)

The aspect of consideration (marking scheme) is based on the commercial environment, economic growth rates, business relation, education & IT conectivity, life standard and security. As we can see, 4 of the above lists come from China stating that China is truly a rising power not to be underestimated. Shanghai and Beijing topped the list with high marks that is actually in the leagues of their own. Researchers also noted that Shenzhen has the most potential to thrive in becoming a great city one day.

To my surprise, Kuala Lumpur actually scored well in life standard and commercial environment but did pretty nasty in education & IT conectivity. As so, I urges the government to take drastic measure as the experts have already pointed our strength and weaknesses to improve and conquer the list, well, not only on the list but reality. Still, I have trouble wondering where is the placing of our lovely Penang..... (Plz don't frozen our potential like a heritage...)


Mireia! said...

I must say that I'm not french..
that's a blog that our french teacher says that we must do it..
so, I have to say that I'm Spanish..
I've read your blog and I want to say that I think that's really interesting the argument that you talked about.
At my age it's a little bit complicated to assimilate what's happening, but I think that it causes influences in me too, so your blog helped me to know more about the world that I'm living in it.

Not more for today, I've been a little tired for you, so bye.

Anonymous said...

A good score is a very good boost to our Kuala Lumpur Tourism. Travelers will be expecting a lot from the city. Though the world is going into recession some will rise while others are going down. In my line of business i guess its a big opportunity to rise....more later.

Living it in Kuala Lumpur

Mr. Fundus & Mr. Sphyncter said...

Well then, I wish you best of luck in exceling in your rising industry.