Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Princess: A True Story of Life Behind the Veil in Saudi Arabi

This is a book not to be missed.

Set in modern times, the main character behind the story is Princess Sultana, who is, even till now, a princess living in the kingdom of saudia arabia. Born a royal like any of her sisters and brother of the Al'Saud family, she had everything in her possesion yet she had nothing.

since small she had came to understand the cruel fate that awaits her in the land of Arab. While being incredulously opulent in her riches, she still could not accept the fact that women in saudi Arabia are mentally chained by their husbands, fathers, brothers and sons - all men of the family.

This is a touching story of a princess who tries to liberate, to change the fate of thousands and thousands of women in saudia Arabia, in a desperate attempt to help all other who suffered. But even she as a royal could do nothing but gain little freedom here and there.

There are altogether three books written about her life there, in order to let the outer world know more about life in saudia Arabia, and the torment that women went through there.

The first book is of course:



Daughters Of Arabia being the second book of the three sequel


Desert royal as the final book

Below are some of the few lines from the story:

"By treating women as slaves, as property, men have made themselves as unhappy as the women they rule, and have made love and true companionship unattainable to both sexes." page 22-23

"The mere suspicion of sexual misconduct, such as kissing, can bring death to a young girl. In addition, public congratulations are given from the men of religion for the father's "notable" act of upholding the commands of the Prophet!" page 62

"We women are vassals, and the walls of our prisons are inescapable, for this grotesque disease of preeminence lives in the sperm of all men and is passed along, generation to generation - a deadly, incurable disease whose host is male and victim is female." page 120

The book had succeeded in raising the attention of many, for people of this world feel compassion for the unfortunate ones. Many had tried to fight for women's rights and many had failed. How could we ever stop sexism from spreading? Only god knows.

Here are some compliments and remakrs from various sources.

"Unforgettable..fascinating..a book to move you to tears"

"The Startling truth behind the veiled lives of Saudi Arabia's women...frank and vivid revelations"

"Princess is a mind-boggling look at the everyday life of a contemporary woman in the 21,000-member strong royal family..absolutely riveting"

"Gripping...a fast-paced, enthralling drama rich in details..."

"Anyone with the slightest interest in human rights will find this book heart wrenching. It is well written, personal story...It had to come from a native woman to be believable"

Mr. Sphincter

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