Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hot News - Teachers' Skirmish Goes Physical, Students Helpless

BUTTERWORTH - A Local school here witnessed the latest most hottest news ever before published. Two teachers from the afternoon session went from a small squabble turning ugly when one of the teachers physical assaulted another teacher(The victim) by a paper in her hand, so the sources claimed.

Kim Moh (or literally translated as blondie in english) was the hokkien nickname affectionately given to Mdm tang, who had, over the years won the hearts of her students as one of the responsible and amiable teachers in the school. However, even a teacher such as this had been humiliated in such a way never known before.

The horrendous scene was witnessed first handed by the students of 1A4 as they were attending their science classes as usual, which unfortunately took a wrong turn when Mdm. Tay (The assailant) budged into the room unwelcomed in a anxious and raging manner.

Armed with only papers in her hand, she verbally reprimanded the teacher in class (Mdm Tang) claiming her to be careless in doing her work, with all the numbers typed wrong in the papers held in her hand. Astonished, Mdm tang was helpless as mdm Tay turned her attention to the class.

"同学们 (Tong1 Xue2 Men2 , meaning students), you see see that" continued Mdm Tay, incessantly criticising Mdm Tang's so called ugly work. "The numbers are all see this page...四十(Si4 Shi2 , meaning forty)...its all wrong!"

being Protective and offended, the class tossed the most sarcastic, cynical look that they could possibly toss at Mdm Tay, obviously annoyed that she had most unreasonably offended Mdm Tang and interrupting her class.

Most incredulously, while some of the papers were indeed wrong, some of them were of Mdm tang's mistakes. One student immediately took this chance to shoot back in sarcasm, but to do avail.

"We really hate her for doing this. I heard from my friends that she was a good teacher, I don't know why she does this to Mdm Tang, and of course we supported her. When she leaved the class and came back, our class cheered for her and told her we supported her. That teacher shouldnt budged into our class this unreasonably" was what a student from 1A4 interview by the big stomach said. The respondant, (e-name SNOW) was one of students who first handedly witness the scene, and had generously gave the big stomach juicy news on this matter.

Later, when mdm Tay left the room, mdm Tang quicken her footsteps going out too before returning. Sources said that she was on the verged of tears, but had valiantly kept on teaching the students to copy their works.

The news was spreaded incredibly fast as the whole afternoon session students were made known of this little skirmish between the teachers. Gossip soon turned into hatred against Mdm Tay, of which many claimed her to be wrong.

The big stomach would like to take this oppurtunity to thank all respondants of the BBB (Big Stomach Blog) news, which had given their support all the way long.

Also, specialy thanks to:
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meeji said...

its really not professional n annoying ...actually its jus a small matter...y muz make it like earth quake lei...

life is harder as economy crisis....all ppl face living stress n financial burden liao...y stil 12 add on the unnecessary emotional disturbance?

Mr. Fundus & Mr. Sphyncter said...

Haiz.... Dunno how is yan ying de mom now....

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Ouchie ouchie.. Mdm Tang sure feel hurt. That doesn't sounds pleasant. I hope she will get better >: