Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Global Financial Crisis: Even The Queen Take The Strikes!

Queen Elizabeth II wasn't spared from the economy downfalls faced by the whole world. Currently,the Queen had took serious hit due to the global economy depression later, a big one. Approximately 37 million pounds was loss (which is about 37% of her total share value) and yet more to be.... In order to cope with this serious problem, a plan had to be taken!

Well, the Queen had finally decided to open the Garden of the Buckingham Palace for tourists and even locals to visit with an astounding 20 pounds per visit. The garden has a total area of 39 acres and contains of hundreds and hundreds of unique floras which are rare to be seen outside.

The world is having big problem now, as we are... Everyone has to face troublesome finacial problem over and over again. So, when will it actually stops? Guess it'll has to be the end of time....
Mr. Fundus

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