Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jolin Tsai Rotten Face!!!!

Hola people, still remember the all-pretty-looking Jolin, bet'cha not! Our dancing diva had currently faced a serious problem with her fallen complexion. Rumours has it that Jolin had gone in intensive slimming programme with her 'no-fat-diet' which unfortunately results in a doom of hormone deficientcy directly impacting her flawless face.(Picture Showed Above)

Dear students, all of us know that fat is very important to our health as building blocks of hormone, lipid structure and all of that. What about her? Is it that our idol is so dumb that she don't even know this fact? Or is it physical appearance is so important that it comes before our health.... Think about it!! Models after models get killed or nearly killed just because to achieve desired waistline. Celebrity who should be our role model for better behaving are now tending to be the biggest stereotype to us.

Plz, I urges. There is nothing wrong for being that, not until that it affect your health. Just maintaining your BMI in accepted level is fairly enough for a nice, well-rounded physical appearance.

P/S: Stay healthy and pretty, inside out.

By, Mr. Fundus

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