Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Falling Ashes

Autumn leaves will come to sleep,
and winter's melting snow ablaze;
But through the years men will weep,
of a sudden change of fate

upon the dampened earth reflection speaks,
the moon answering in perfect harmony;
yet the tides has change for waves to speak.
of sorrow and tragic melancholy

Through the hills trees lament
in a windy shining morn;
for in the light voices shrieked
from a steady lustful horn

In the shadows the winds stir rage,
on every road it leaves its prints;
while men will learn to live in cage
but never too short of deadly sins

Yet in due time men will realize
that some wounds could not be sutured;
and when such lines could only call in anguish cries,
a silent but firm protest to mothernature

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By, Mr. Sphinchter

Between The Lines

This poem is initially written to describe the ill fate of many suffering from nature's harm, but had been rewritten in a style to protest against the immoral act of human agaisnt mothernature, deforestration, open burning and much more. Of course it also speaks of the ways mothernature strikes back its retribution. More people are suffering even now as we speak because of the minority of selfish people.

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