Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hot News - Ode to The Teachers

Ladies n' gentlemen:

Prepare for the most awesome news to follow~

As recent as today morning, the class of 4Sa1 gave a vote on who to be the sex symbol of the class, and for the teachers of the school.

Well, the staff room is very diverse right? Surely there must be someone to outshine them all!

Readers of course, I am sure is aware of Marilyn Monroe, the worldwide sex symbol of the 50s. Today, another unsung hero was found.

Sadly though, the big stomach will not post the name of the teacher, nor of the 4sa1 student without their pictures. We will try with our best effort to obtain them before posting them here. Wow, this is a big surprise isn't it? isn't everybody anticipating? Being a sex symbol ain't easy. It means competitions, it means staying pretty, it means staying slim, it means all to be a model in disguise.

And who shall that lucky one be? That we will know shortly after. Thank you for supporting this blog.

Ladies n' Gentlemen:


Yours, one and truly,
Mr. Sphyncter

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