Thursday, October 16, 2008


第一次用华语写部落格,paiseh paiseh....



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Anonymous said...

Initially when i first read the article I would say it was indeed, a most noble idea that such effort were taken to enhance the relationship between the cops and the people.

Still, while learning hokkien as a dialect might prove to be "entertaining" and perhaps useful, one must also know that there are other chinese (or non-chinese) from different tribal backgrounds speaking different dialects. Take for example teochew, cantonese, hakka...etc..

My suggestion is, learn chinese. If indeed the police force is to strengthen the relationship, why not? Chinese (of which forms penang majority of people) are all capable of speaking the mothertongue mandarin, while of course, other races may use malays (the national language) to communicate (which of course, till now poses no probloem)

In a nut shell, this no doubt is an excellant way to foster closer relationship.

However, the outcome is still blur. Is it really beneficial? how much could it help? Or perhaps this will be a one time success?

who knows? Well, readers should know that the big stomach, by all means, DO SUPPORT THIS IDEA!

Yours truly,